The Rosemont Community Coalition believes strongly that our children are the future of our community and our world. It is vitally important that they can read and continue to learn as they grow in order to be able to have the fullest possible lives. We established Homework Help to enhance the reading and math education they receive in the school and to enrich their lives with special lessons that bring in geography, other cultures, science, and art.

This program operates on Wednesday afternoons after the school day, on those Wednesdays on which school is open for the full day.   (We will not hold the program in the case of early closing, snow, holiday, etc.)
The program is held in the library at Alexander Hamilton Elementary at 2:40 when school ends for the day.  Children must have a signed permission slip from their parents to participate.  (Children in grades K-5 from other schools are welcome but must be transported to Alexander Hamilton)

The program starts with a short game or exercise, wash hands, and then a snack. After snack the children are paired up with the volunteers and they work on their homework assignments. This period is not longer than 45 minutes and if the children do not bring homework, we provide some work from workbooks. When homework is completed, we may have a special activity such as a craft project or a science experiment.  The remainder of the time is spent playing reading, math, and thinking skills games. 

We have a small library of books and encourage the children to take them home (and bring them back).

Students are picked up by a parent or designated individual at 5:00.

Volunteers are needed:

  1. to help distribute and clean up from snack time
  2. to work one-on-one with the children helping with homework.
  3. to join in the games
  4. to do special projects, crafts, etc. with the children
  5. to be the librarian and keep track of our books.

If you wish to enroll your child, OR
If you would like to volunteer with this important program, please send us an email at