For the month of August, the Rosemont Community Interfaith Coalition has planned online enrichment activities for children and their families in five different tracks: Gardening and Nature, Cooking, Sports/Fitness, Creative Arts, and Academic Games.  We’re hoping to provide something that appeals to everyone.  Children may sign up for one or more tracks.  Once signed up, they will be expected to participate.  Equipment and supplies will be sent to your home for the activities your children sign up for. There is no cost to the family for the programs.

The program will begin on August 3 and run for 4 weeks.  We will be using the Zoom platform and scheduling our Zoom meetings for each activity at various times during the day.  Children should be in a safe place and well-supervised when they participate.

Zoom meetings will be advertised on our website:

Note:  When enrolling families we will determine if they need a loan of a Chromebook or internet connectivity so that we may provide it.  Children have the use of their loaned equipment from the school over the summer.  Baltimore City School children who have not obtained a computer from the school, or whose computer is not working, can receive a computer from School Headquarters on North Avenue.  We can assist with this.

The Community Interfaith Coalition is made up of area faith-based organizations and our churches invite you to worship with us.  Our activities are meant to remind our children of God’s blessings in our lives.

2020 Summer Program Activities

For the month of August, sign up to participate in Gardening and Nature, Cooking, Sports/Fitness, Creative Arts, and Academic Games.  You can choose one area or all of them.  There will be two online activities in each area every week.  All necessary supplies will be delivered to your home. There is no cost for these programs, but regular participation is expected in those activities you sign up for.  The activities will be suitable for children 5 – 12 years of age.  

  • Creative Arts — activities in art, music, musical theater, and drama.
  • Gardening and Nature – hands on gardening at home, plus activities involving living things
  • Cooking – introduction to cooking for young folks, plus some info about healthy eating!
  • Sports/Fitness – Activities and exercises to keep us fit, plus some information about how sports are played
  • Academic games – Keeping our brains sharp over the summer!  Fun online and Prizes, too!

All activities should be well-supervised at home and performed in a safe space. Some activities may be messy.   Cooking activities require an adult to be present with the child for safety.


To enroll your child please call Joan Higbee at 443-745-8979.  

Activities Offered

  • Creative Arts
  • Gardening & Nature 
  • Cooking
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Academic Games